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                         Founded in 1998, the company covers an area of more than 15000 square meters. It was acquired by Investec Group in January 2021 and officially became a subsidiary of Investec Group. Now it has 200 employees and 25 professional technical and management personnel. The main products include air conditioners, dishwashers, microwave ovens, stereos and other home appliance accessories and packaging materials, including PVC soft rubber, sound insulation cotton, needle punched cotton (gray and white), PE packaging plastic bags, bubble bags and collar pockets (sealed bags), PE, PU, XPE, EPDM sponges, flannelette and asphalt damping products.
                         For more than 20 years, Guangdeli has been adhering to customer needs as the core, and has won the trust and praise of many enterprises with high-quality and attentive services. Its main partners are Midea, Galanz, Zhigao, TCL, Shenling, Taiming, Xinbao and other household electrical machinery and equipment brands.

                  Company Profile
                  Foshan Guangdeli New Materials Co., Ltd
                  Foshan Yingte (Group) Co., Ltd
                  Tel : 0757-22391824
                  Address :  Industrial Avenue, Xihai Erzhi Industrial Zone, Beijiao, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong

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